Microscope lens

Why do I make images with a microscope lens attached to my phone?

In a world trained to see avalanches of images daily, I was aware that those avalanches invited me to treat what I was looking at very superficially.  I wanted to look more closely at what was around me, particularly at things in nature: looking at the micro rather than the macro.

Does looking at the micro encourage me to fill in, with my mind’s eye, the rest of the picture?  Do I know what the rest of the picture is?  Does this practice help me develop  my creativity or stifle it?  How is looking so closely at nature going to affect my own image making?  As is the case with all the other images, what am I going to do with them?   Can my curiosity ever be satisfied when there is a whole new world to explore?

                      Acorn detail


                      Pigeon feather detail

                     White Carrara marble 


Textile 2 IMG_6126

Blue textile


                     Thorny leaves

                      Oak leaf

Canonteign lichen detail 1.
Canonteign lichen detail 2.
Canonteign lichen detail 3.
Canonteign moss detail 1.
Canonteign moss detail 2.
Canonteign moss detail 3.