British seaweeds

This records my current project with cyanotypes. Inspired by Meghan Riepenhoff’s work Litoral, and Anna Atkins’ Sun Gardens,I plan to use different exposures of cyanotypes using algae found on the South Devon coastline.

My first cyanotype with algae on a cartridge paper .(Fucus vesiculosus)

The effects of the sea salt on the cyanotype chemicals gives that brown effect which will increasingly play a part in my prints.

Spiny Straggle weed .
Seaweed exposed without a glass covering.


Ulva lactuca exposed and treated.
Ulva lactuca (43cm x 39cm)
Ulva lactuca
Fucus serratus
Ulva lactuca partial exposure.(1.6m x 52cm)
Ulva lactuca full exposure.(1.6m x 52cm)
Ulva lactuca partial exposure 2.(1.6m x 52cm)
Vertebrata nigra: twisted siphon weed. (1.6m x 54cm)
Algae found in South Devon seas.
Algae found in South Devon 2.
Silk scarf with British algae and seagrasses design:160cm x 52cm.